West Michigan Shoreline Regional
Development Commission (WMSRDC)

The West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission (WMSRDC) includes 2,954.56 square miles of Lake Michigan watershed. Freshwater heads a long list of the many natural resources found within the region, including more than 400 lakes, 250 streams and over 75 miles of Lake Michigan coastline and pristine beaches. Traversed by eight major river systems, including the Lower Grand, Muskegon , White, Pentwater, Pere Marquette, Big Sable/Lincoln, Little Manistee and the Manistee/Pine, it is also home to twelve coastal, drowned river-mouth lakes. They include Hamlin, Pere Marquette, Bass, Pentwater, Silver, Stony, White, Duck, Muskegon, Mona, Little Black and Spring Lake. Virtually all of these lakes and streams receive some level of stewardship by active watershed-based volunteer organizations, lake associations, conservation groups, agency partners and the general public.

WMSRDC is a regional council of governments representing 127 local governments in the West Michigan counties of Lake, Mason, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, and northern Ottawa.

The mission of WMSRDC is to promote and foster regional development in West Michigan through cooperation amongst local governments.


The purpose of the Watershed Partners Inventory is to summarize the watershed-based stewardship activity occurring within the region. The inventory pulls together otherwise disparate information about watershed plans, regulatory programs and natural resource priorities within the region. The information can assist local governments and other watershed partners in determining regional priorities for restoration and protection. The inventory can be used to develop collaborative efforts to improve and protect west Michigan's quality of life, economy and the sensitive, water based ecosystems upon which they depend.

For more information, please visit their website at WMSRDC

Attached is the WMSRDC Watershed Partners Inventory in PDF format. This document is 1.67 MB in size.

Watershed Partners Inventory

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