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Information and Tips for Creating and Maintaining a Certified Wildlife Habitat

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For more than 35 years, the National Wildlife Federation's Certified Wildlife Habitat ™ program has shown people the benefits of gardening for wildlife. From backyards and apartment balconies to schoolyards, businesses and farms, no garden is too big or small to turn into a wildlife-friendly habitat.

Why should I create a NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat?

  1. It's fun! Watching wildlife in action can be fun and relaxing for everyone. Your habitat may attract beautiful songbirds, butterflies, frogs, and other interesting wildlife for viewing from your very own window.
  2. Curb appeal! Replacing grass lawns with native wildflowers, shrubs, and trees will increase the beauty of your property and provide a nurturing refuge for wildlife.
  3. Bring wildlife home! Restoring habitats where commercial and residential development have degraded natural ecosystems can be your way of giving back to wildlife.
  4. Eco-friendly! Gardening practices that help wildlife, like reducing the use of chemicals, conserving energy and water, and composting also help to improve air, water and soil quality.
  5. Community! Gardening for wildlife can help you share your love of wildlife with your neighbors and help them get involved in creating a home for wildlife.

Once your habitat is certified by NWF, you can order and display an attractive Certified Wildlife Habitat sign to convey your commitment to wildlife conservation and the environment, and help you spread the word to your neighbors.

To certify your backyard visit NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat .

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